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The Holy Bible with a Devotional and Practical Commentary

The publication includes no inscriptions or notes. One thick volume in original light brown leather with ornate raised panels on front cover. Some of the raised areas, and joints, are rubbed. Original metal clasps firmly intact. 1500 pp. First title page gives a publication location of London, the New Testament title page indicates XXXX.

The Book of Common Prayer

This large-print Book of Common Prayer is inscribed with "Peter Macgowan" and also contains inserts and handwritten notes. The inscription donating the book is as follows: Mr. Hodgson, Dear Sir, I send you my father Mr. Peter Macgowan's prayer book as I feel that it ought to be given to St. Peter's Church he being a member and very much interested in it. And if you would like to keep it I give it to you for that purpose. Very truly yours, Emilie Gray, Monday.

Also included in the book are several handwritten entries that appear to record the arrivals to and departures from Prince Edward Island of many people over a number of years, as well as the burial (and sometimes disinterment) of notable people. Notable events and church news are also included.

Reverend Canon E. M. Malone, Mrs. Margaret Malone and group photograph

  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1921 - 1952

The photograph shows Reverend Canon E. M. Malone [second from the left] and his wife Margaret Malone [third from the left] sitting on a bench, outdoors, with four men. The man at the back is Sidney Davies, followed by Canon George Russell Harrison (Summerside) and on the far right is Venerable G.S. Tanton.

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