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St. Peter's Cathedral Church legal, governance, and administration archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-03
  • Série
  • 1865-1928

The legal, governance, and administration archives series consists of various documents from the late 19th century and early 20th century found in the Church archives that seemed to relate to legal issues, church governance, and general administration for St. Peter's Cathedral Church or to individuals prominent in the establishment and early years of the church, such as E. J. Hodgson, who acted as a Trustee of St. Peter's but who undertook other legal and business activities on his own behalf, or Lawrence W. Watson, who was a central figure in the administration of the church in early years. The documents also include correspondence related to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson, which finally resulted in the selection of Canon James Simpson in 1886.

As listed in the file list, the documents in Box O/S 30 are as follows:

File 1: Legal release of land from the Bank of PEI to George Washington Gardiner, 11 May 1865
File 2: Land conveyance George W. Gardiner & wife to Henry Smith, 6 January 1869
File 3: William Cundall to Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia Conveyance of St. Peter's Church, 1 June 1869
File: 4: Bond E. J. Hodgson and J. S. Carvell to William Cundall, 18 August 1870
File 5: G. W. Hodgson and Bishop of Nova Scotia release in fee and declaration of Trust, 12 Nov. 1871
File 6: Mortgage on lands in Queens county, 26 August 1872
File 7: Letter re: Trustees of St. Peter’s by T. Haviland and E. J. Hodgson, 2 November 1872
File 8: Trust Deed St. Peter’s Church, 11 November 1872
File 9: Petition to the Bishop of Nova Scotia to consecrate St. Peter’s, 29 June 1879
File 10: Sentence of consecration of St. Peter’s, 5 July 1879
File 11: Appointment of Trustees and Grant of Land, 5 December 1882
File 12: Conveyance: Henry Smith & wife to Bernard W. Philips , 26 June 1888
File 13: Appointment of Trustees St. Peter’s, 13 Feb. 1894
File 14: Appointment of Trustees Hon. E. J. Hodgson & Walter A. O. Morson et al, 20 July 1904
File 15: Abstract of title St. Peter’s Rectory Property, 28 July 1904
File 16: Land conveyance from Thomas Handrahan to E. J. Hodgson for St. Peter’s Rectory, 28 July 1904
File 17: Deed of Appointment of $2500 for erection of a Rectory by E. J. Hodgson, 15 April 1905
File 18: Appointment of new Trustees and Conveyance of Trust Estate, Hon. E. J. Hodgson and Lawrence W. Watson, 10 October 1908
File 19: Appointment as Trustees and conveyance of trust property – removal of E. J. Hodgson and E. Bayfield to be replaced by William L. Cotton and John Hyndman, 29 April 1918
File 20: Land transfer from the Bishop of Nova Scotia to the Trustees of St. Peter’s Church, 19 January 1928
File 21: Conveyance John Doust to G. W. Hodgson, [187-?]

As listed in the file list, the documents in Box 28 are as follows:

001: Walter Lowe, receipts, financial statements, correspondence, 1879-1900: 1 envelope, 7 statements, 1 detailed statement of contract services, 5 letters between Walter Lowe and churchwardens (including Russell Freeland, Chairman of Finance Committee, and W. C. Harris, architect)
002: Correspondence of Bishop of Nova Scotia and Church Wardens of St. Pauls’ , 1872: 1 envelope, 1 4-pp letter (one sheet), dated 29 August 1872, 1 8-pp letter (2 sheets), dated 16 October 1872 – re: objecting to the use of the pastoral staff and opening the church contrary to Church requirements, in relation to the marriage of Mr. Edward Bayfield, 1872
003: Letter of condolence from Mr. Lawrence Watson to Mrs. Binney, 14 June 1887 [2015]: Includes photocopy of last will and testament of Herbert Binney, 1885, photocopied circa 2015
004: Lawrence Watson Letterbook, 1885-1900, 28.5 x 22.5 x 3 cm bound book. Note the letterbook was originally located in the sacristy vault and was transferred to the Archives on 25 February 2019. The item contains copies of outgoing correspondence from Lawrence W. Watson.
005: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 1, 1885: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
006: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 2, January – March 1886: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
007: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 3, April – June 1886: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
008: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 4, 1July – September 1886: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
009: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 5, October – December 1886: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
010: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 6, 1887: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church financial records

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-02
  • Série
  • 1869-1899, 2000

The series consists of original financial records generated or received by St. Peter's Cathedral Church in the course of business during the late 19th century. Records include bills and receipts, statements, correspondence, financial estimates and annual financial statements, investment information, bank account information and bank books, deposit information, copies of cheques, fundraising, trust, and scholarship records (including the Helen Brecken Memorial Trust and the Daniel Hodgson Scholarship), general ledgers, mortgage records, and related financial documentation. Included are reports and documentation related to the financial status of the church at various times.

The file listing includes extensive details about the types of records included and the names of individuals, organizations, and corporations documented in the materials, from Charlottetown-based businesses to religious institutions and government departments. Researchers are urged to review the file list to identify any materials that may be relevant to their research.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church service registers

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-21
  • Série
  • 1869-2007

The service registers series consists of official listings of all services held in St. Peter's Cathedral Church and All Souls' Chapel from the start of services on 13 June 1869. The registers normally note number of congregants, numbers receiving communion, hymns sung, and additional service notes, as well as comments about such topics as weather, special events, etc. As well, some registers, particularly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, included pasted in copies of correspondence, newspaper clippings, copies of annual reports, and other documents. The registers, therefore, contain a great deal of information about church activities beyond specific services.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church service bulletins, programmes, and leaflets

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-20
  • Série
  • 1869-2019

The service bulletins series consists of bulletins, programmes, and leaflets prepared for St. Peter's church services and other special events. The regular service bulletins include information about the order of service as well as announcements and notices for the benefit of parishioners. Special service bulletins relate to funerals, weddings, confirmations, youth programmes, concerts, and ordinations, as well as leaflets about flowers for different services.

At least one copy of every bulletin found in the backlog has been retained, but the series is not complete and there are gaps in the records over the years. This series will expand as recent bulletins are transferred from the church office to the Archives.

A small selection of bulletins are described individually, with PDF copies produced for reference, if the bulletins relate to audiovisual recordings of the services in question. There is no plan to digitize all service bulletins at this time.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Choir archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-14
  • Série
  • 1869-2012

The archives of the Choir of St. Peter's includes: correspondence and leaflets, hymns and music, attendance books, cookbooks and fundraising materials, newspaper clippings, and photo albums. Included in the choir archives are records related to William Edgar Enman, publisher of "One Hun­dred Hymns and Sac­red Lyr­ics (ca. 1945), who was apparently an ac­tive lay­man of St. Pe­ter’s Ca­thed­ral. Also in the choir archives is a letter to Earnest E. Earle on his departure from St. Peter's choir in 1898.

Associated materials include recordings of choral performances, brought together in Collection SPCA 019. These audiovisual recordings are described separately and will be digitized as resources allow.

The Choir of St. Peter's

St. Peter's Cathedral Church cemetery management and research records

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-10
  • Série
  • 1871-2012

The series of records related to the management of St. Peter's cemetery and to research about the cemetery include original 19th-century documents about cemetery management, including: a petition to consecrate the cemetery, 1871; a letter from William Welsh to Rev. George Wright Hodgson re the mortgage for church land, 1871; a conveyance between William H. Lord (and wife Susannah Lord) to Rev. G. W. Hodgson for church land, 1871; confirmation of the consecration of cemetery land, 1871; and rules for St. Peter's Graveyard, 1890. Also in the series are correspondence, notes, and financial statements about the cemetery from 1895 to 1957, from 1962 to 2007, and from 2010-2012. Also included is research documentation compiled by archives volunteer Mike Smitherman from 2011, including copies of records from the Provincial Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Schools archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-08
  • Série
  • 1872-1906, 1928, 2010

The archives consist of three bound registers of student marks, along with and biographical information about students from 1872 to 1907, with a pasted in list of the "Old Boys" of the school, added in 1928. Also in the archives are documents related to the original grant to provide support for a boys' school from 1872; correspondence with Miss Rosa DeBrisay about teaching at a girls' school in 1885; and financial records, land conveyances, correspondence, newspaper clippings, from 1872 to 1898. An essay by Ann Nichols on the history of St. Peter's Day School, prepared for a "Prof. Black, History 452" in 1994 is also in the files.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church annual meeting minutes

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-04
  • Série
  • 1875-1973

The series consists of minutes, agendas, notes, and financial documents associated with St. Peter's Cathedral Church's annual meetings. The documents are as follows:

(1) Congregational Meetings, 29 March 1875-18 January 1925 -- 33 x 20 x 3 cm bound book with loose pages and pages pasted in, LOCATION: SPCA BOX O/S 10 Item 2
(2) St. Peter's Annual Meeting, 1925-1963 -- 33 x 20 x 3 cm bund book with handwritten, typed, and printed pages, including some pages inserted with tape or glue, LOCATION: SPCA BOX O/S 7 Item 1
(3) Annual Meeting 1969, 3 February 1969, 0.25 cm of minutes, financial statement, and report of nominating committee, LOCATION: SPCA BOX 48 File 1
(4) Annual Meeting 1973, 18 February 1973, 0.25 cm of minutes and agenda, LOCATION: SPCA BOX 48 File 2
(5) Annual Meeting 1977, 30 January 1977, 0.25 cm of minutes, LOCATION: SPCA Box 48, File 3.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church organ documents

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-15
  • Série
  • 1881-1895, 1939-1964, 1996, 2011, 2018, N.D.

The documents relate to St. Peter's Cathedral Church's organ and include records related to the purchase, installation, and management of the organ, particularly in the 19th century. Among the documents are correspondence with organ builders, music stores, and individuals. Among the names identified in the archives from the 19th century are the following, presented in the order in which they appear in the file list: W.E Greenwood organ builders; Peter Conacher & Co. Organ Builders, Huddersfield; Charles [Darling?]; [George] S. Hutchings; Lawrence W. Watson; S. R. Warren & Sons; James Watson; John M. Davenport, Mission Church of St. John the Baptist; John B. Holroyd; [Thomas] W. Hales; Fletcher’s Music Store; Cowan & Co. Dublin; L. R. Stanley, Ross Water Motor; and Ross Valve Co. Archives from 1996 and 2011 relate to Alan Reesor and an anniversary booklet for the organ. Organ specifications from after the restoration in 1995-1996 are also included.

The Choir of St. Peter's

St. Peter's Cathedral Church annual reports

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-01
  • Série
  • 1887-2019

The series consists of master copies and additional copies of published annual reports for St. Peter's Cathedral Church. The series of reports is largely complete, with copies missing for the years 1965, and 1973.

The annual reports were formatted differently over the years. In the 19th century, reports were published as small self-inclusive booklets. Then they were published as part of the St. Peter's Parish Monthly Magazine for a few years before returning to booklet form. In 1994, individual reports from committees and groups were consolidated into a document, usually with a cover page, which served as the annual report but which also included the minutes of the previous year's annual meeting along with an agenda for the current year's annual meeting.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

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