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E. M. Malone archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 003
  • Archief
  • 1905-2019

The archives consist of personal and church-related records created or received by Canon E. M. Malone in his capacity as priest incumbent of St. Peter's Cathedral Church. Series include: writings and publications, notes and sermons, correspondence, communications and addresses, reports and studies, confirmation records, congregational lists, Bibles and prayer books, service notices and prayers, records related to church administration, and records relating to personal and life events.

Canon Malone was a prolific writer; included in the archives are manuscripts and published versions of many of his works. Among his archives are also detailed list of parishioners serving in the armed forces during both the First World War and Second World War, along with copies of published and unpublished war-time prayers used during both wars.

Among the issues or topics referred to in the E. M. Malone Archives are the following: catechisms; communion; the Church of England in Canada; the Eikon Basilike; the foundations of St. Peter's Cathedral; Punch Magazine; Barbados; Antigua; Queen's College; Dalhousie University; The Book of Common Prayer; Margaret Hegan Malone (Canon Malone's second wife); World War II; requiem masses and lists of members of the congregation serving in the military; Diocese of Nova Scotia. See the file list for details about these different issues or topics, as reflected in the file titles in the list.

Addition to the archives, 2023: In a review of backlogged materials in August 2023, a book was located that had been presented to E. M. Malone on October 6, 1909. The book is in poor condition and is stored separately pending reappraisal, for repair or deaccessioning. This brief description serves to identify the publication pending additional work: A. R. Fausset D.D., The Critical and Expository Bible Cyclopedia (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1800), 753 pp., 27 x 20 x 5 cm. Evidence of worm damage. Inscription on a brown paper cover says "the Critical & Expository Bible Cyclopedia, Presented to Elwin Malone, St. Thomas, D.W.I, Oct. 6 1909." Inscription inside says "The Rev. E. M. Malone / a memento of his visit in 1909 / from his sincere friend / E. [Watson?]. / St. Thomas D.W.I. / October 6th/09. Book is stored separately in B-012: Bibles, Service Books, and Special Collections.

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Diocesan Church Society Archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 010
  • Archief
  • 1886-2017, N.D.

The Diocesan Church Society archives consist of annual reports, minutes, correspondence, secretaries files, and other business records related to the work of the society from the late 1800s to the first decade of the 21st century. Annual reports for the society are available from 1886 to 1888, with the following gaps: 1887, 1912, 1915, 1917, 1920, 1980, 1985. The only annual reports for subsequent years are one copy for 1998, one copy for 2007, and one copy for 2017.

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Diocese of Nova Scotia Provincial Synod Records

  • CA PEI SPCA 012
  • Archief
  • 1936-1995

The six files contain documentation as described below:

File 1: Diocesan Council for Social Service, 1936-1941: Official file of documents related to social service activities, with categories as identified in a cover page as: child welfare, constitution, credit unions, housing, insanity, jails, library, mother’s allowances, relief work, unemployment insurance, and Victorian Order. Includes brochures, pamphlets, correspondence, acts and bylaws, and reports. Includes a report of the Halifax Citizens Housing Committee and A. G. Dalzell on housing issues in Halifax (n.d.); reports on jails in Nova Scotia, referencing the Anglican Social Service Commission in P. E. Island (ca. 1933, 1936); memos on liquor laws (ca. 1939); a report on public health (ca. 1936); reports on nursing services in Prince Edward Island (ca. 1936); and Bulletins of the Council for Social Service, Church of England in Canada (ca. 1937-1941).

File 2: Provincial Synod Correspondence and Documents, 1995-1967, N.D.: Various documents, including correspondence, reports, minutes, and printed papers, related to a range of synod issues, including use of the Book of Common Prayer, changes to Canon Law, and various matters of synod business. The file seems to have been created and used primarily by H. L. Palmer, who is identified in correspondence as Judge of the Probate Court in Prince Edward Island and Chancellor of the Diocese of Nova Scotia between the 1950s and 1970s. Details of his positions and tenure are not confirmed.

File 3: Diocese of Nova Scotia Correspondence and Documents, 1961-1972: Various documents, including correspondence, reports, minutes, and printed papers, related to a range of diocesan issues, including acts and bylaws, and revisions to constitutions and canon laws and parish bylaws. Also includes correspondence between Harold L. Palmer and Bishop George Arnold about the Canon Allan P. Shatford Memorial Fund, from the 1970s. The file seems to have been created and used primarily by H. L. Palmer, who is identified in correspondence as Judge of the Probate Court in Prince Edward Island and Chancellor of the Diocese of Nova Scotia between the 1950s and 1970s. Details of his positions and tenure are not confirmed.

File 4: "The Clergy and Staff of the Diocese of Nova Scotia 1989": Printed and bound directory of clergy and staff, 8 double-sided pages, including photographs of clergy and staff and names and addresses.

File 5: Diocese of Nova Scotia and Provincial Synod Documents, 1994-1995: Various documents related to diocesan issues, such as stipend scales, and Synod NEWSlink reports circulated via email from the mid 1990s.

File 6: The Diocesan Times newsletter, December 1946, vol. 1, no. 12, 39 pp., published in Truro, Nova Scotia. Addressed to Mr. H. H. Simpson, 12 Water Street.

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Edward Jarvis Hodgson archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 004
  • Archief
  • 1867-1947, [2000]

The archives consist of both personal and business records created or accumulated by Edward Jarvis Hodgson, including records related to the administration of St. Peter's Cathedral Church. A large portion of the archives relate to the operations of the Hodgson Trust, which was established after E.J. Hodgson's death, along with record of other trust accounts established during Hodgson's lifetime or after his death.

The file list provides details of the contents of the archives. Some of the names mentioned in the records, as shown in the file list, include the following: Thomas Handrahan, Matilda Peake, George Peake, Ralph Peake, Charles Wright, Charles Leigh (and wife), Edward Thomas Caswell, Margaret Brenan, Margaret Matilda Jane Hodgson (nee Brecken, Edward Hodgson's widow), Helen Brecken (and the Helen Brecken Memorial Trust.)

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Women's Auxiliary and Anglican Church Women archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 007
  • Archief
  • 1900-2023

The archives includes the official records of the Women's Auxiliary and the Anglican Church Women, along with records related to the Guild of St. Mary the Virgin of St. Peter's Cathedral and the Women's Guild. Also included is documentation related to the Girls' Auxiliary, Junior Women's Auxiliary, and Afternoon Branch. The records include: historical information, constitution and bylaws, handbooks and guidebooks, minutes and agendas, attendance registers and membership records, annual reports, correspondence, meeting programmes, financial account books, receipts, and expenditure records.

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Atlantic Theological Conference Archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 011
  • Archief
  • 1983, 1984, 1993-2000, 2019, 2023

According to source information provided by St. Peter's Cathedral Church, the Atlantic Theological Conference was established in order to bring together people from all walks of life to hear papers and participate in discussions on issues of enduring theological importance. The Atlantic Theological Conference has no official church sponsorship and is funded through registration fees and individual donations. A grant from the Segelberg Trust ( has provided additional support for the conference for several years.

The Atlantic Theological Conference Archives consist of correspondence, programmes, registration lists, reports, and published proceedings for annual conferences, often held at St. Peter's Cathedral Church. A total of 10 files hold conference records, as follows:

File 1: 1983, 0.5 cm, programme, report
File 2: 1993, 1 cm, programme, registration list, and proceedings
File 3: 1994, 2 cm, programme, registration list, correspondence, and proceedings
File 4: 1995, 1.5 cm, programme, attendance list, proceedings, and registrar's report
File 5: 1996, 1 cm, programme, correspondence, and proceedings
File 6: 1997, 1 cm, programme, registration form, attendance list, and proceedings
File 7: 1998, 1 cm, programme, registration form, registration list, and proceedings
File 8: 1999, 1 cm, programme and proceedings
File 9: 2000, 0.25 cm, registration form
File 10: 2019, 0.25 cm, programme
File 11: 2023, 0.25 cm, leaflet and poster
File 12: 1984, 0.25 cm, leaflet and poster

Mothers' Union archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 013
  • Archief
  • 1979-1995

The Mothers' Union archives consist of meeting agendas and minutes, reports, financial records, programmes and booklets, newsletters, other textual records, photographs, newspaper clippings, artifacts, and an unidentified audiocassette. The activities and events documented in the archives include: hosting pancake breakfasts on the first day of Sunday School in early September; baking simnel cakes (a form of fruitcake) as part of Mothering Sunday; participating in the annual Christmas pageant; stitching needlepoint covers for church kneelers; organizing “Winter Games” events (evening gatherings of parishioners and others to play card games and board games in the church hall in winter); holdings prayer sessions and meetings for members; providing support for refugees and newcomers to the Island; creating a “link letters” activity comparable to “pen pals”; and holding regular meetings. A major project for the Prince Edward Island chapter documented in the archives is the creation of a Mothers’ Union banner, which was unveiled on 24 May 1992.

Information provided by St. Peter's Cathedral Church parishioner Catherine Edwards in February 2020 suggests that Donalda Winter and Eileen Paton were responsible for bringing the Mothers' Union to St. Peter's Cathedral.

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Binney Group archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 009
  • Archief
  • 1971-2017

The Binney Group archives consist of official records of the activities of the Binney Group, including bylaws, meeting minutes and agendas, financial reports, notebooks and planning records, service leaflets and programmes, correspondence, and photographs. Included among the archives are records documenting the work of the Binney Group to carry out or provide support for bake sales, fudge sales, pantry sales, card parties, men's breakfasts, bazaars, annual dinners, Anglican Church Women activities, Diocesan Church Society activities, Christian Council activities, and fashion shows, including the Froggies Fashion Show in 2002 and the Women of the Bible Fashion Shows from 1999-2001. The archives also depict Christmas and Easter parties and other social events organized by or involving members of the Binney Group. Key members of the Binney Group whose names appear throughout the archives include Peggy Holland, Marjorie Vessey, Betty Acorn, Ann Francis, and Norma Simpson.

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Walter Aidan Cotton archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 006
  • Archief
  • [1940?-1958]

The archives consist of handwritten and typed manuscripts of various writings by Walter Aidan Cotton, along with correspondence about his manuscripts, his last will and testament, and his wishes for the management of his publications and writings. The titles represented in the archives include: Faith in Christ and the Belief in Miracles; The Priesthood and the Resurrection; The Sap of the Vine; and The Sublimation of Life in God's Sacramental Universe.

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Peter Westin manuscripts

  • CA PEI SPCA 005
  • Archief
  • [1984-1994]

The archives consist of draft manuscripts of books and chapters written by Peter Westin about the history of St. Peter's Cathedral. The documents include manuscripts of: "The Prayers of the People: The Canon Malone Years, 1921-1952"; "The Outbreak of War" (identified as Chapter XI of a manuscript); "A Footsoldier for Christ: The Canon Westin Years"; and "Anglicanism in Transition: The Cathedral Years: 1974-1990".

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