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St. Peter's Cathedral Church legal, governance, and administration archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-03
  • Serie
  • 1865-1928

The legal, governance, and administration archives series consists of various documents from the late 19th century and early 20th century found in the Church archives that seemed to relate to legal issues, church governance, and general administration for St. Peter's Cathedral Church or to individuals prominent in the establishment and early years of the church, such as E. J. Hodgson, who acted as a Trustee of St. Peter's but who undertook other legal and business activities on his own behalf, or Lawrence W. Watson, who was a central figure in the administration of the church in early years. The documents also include correspondence related to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson, which finally resulted in the selection of Canon James Simpson in 1886.

As listed in the file list, the documents in Box O/S 30 are as follows:

File 1: Legal release of land from the Bank of PEI to George Washington Gardiner, 11 May 1865
File 2: Land conveyance George W. Gardiner & wife to Henry Smith, 6 January 1869
File 3: William Cundall to Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia Conveyance of St. Peter's Church, 1 June 1869
File: 4: Bond E. J. Hodgson and J. S. Carvell to William Cundall, 18 August 1870
File 5: G. W. Hodgson and Bishop of Nova Scotia release in fee and declaration of Trust, 12 Nov. 1871
File 6: Mortgage on lands in Queens county, 26 August 1872
File 7: Letter re: Trustees of St. Peter’s by T. Haviland and E. J. Hodgson, 2 November 1872
File 8: Trust Deed St. Peter’s Church, 11 November 1872
File 9: Petition to the Bishop of Nova Scotia to consecrate St. Peter’s, 29 June 1879
File 10: Sentence of consecration of St. Peter’s, 5 July 1879
File 11: Appointment of Trustees and Grant of Land, 5 December 1882
File 12: Conveyance: Henry Smith & wife to Bernard W. Philips , 26 June 1888
File 13: Appointment of Trustees St. Peter’s, 13 Feb. 1894
File 14: Appointment of Trustees Hon. E. J. Hodgson & Walter A. O. Morson et al, 20 July 1904
File 15: Abstract of title St. Peter’s Rectory Property, 28 July 1904
File 16: Land conveyance from Thomas Handrahan to E. J. Hodgson for St. Peter’s Rectory, 28 July 1904
File 17: Deed of Appointment of $2500 for erection of a Rectory by E. J. Hodgson, 15 April 1905
File 18: Appointment of new Trustees and Conveyance of Trust Estate, Hon. E. J. Hodgson and Lawrence W. Watson, 10 October 1908
File 19: Appointment as Trustees and conveyance of trust property – removal of E. J. Hodgson and E. Bayfield to be replaced by William L. Cotton and John Hyndman, 29 April 1918
File 20: Land transfer from the Bishop of Nova Scotia to the Trustees of St. Peter’s Church, 19 January 1928
File 21: Conveyance John Doust to G. W. Hodgson, [187-?]

As listed in the file list, the documents in Box 28 are as follows:

001: Walter Lowe, receipts, financial statements, correspondence, 1879-1900: 1 envelope, 7 statements, 1 detailed statement of contract services, 5 letters between Walter Lowe and churchwardens (including Russell Freeland, Chairman of Finance Committee, and W. C. Harris, architect)
002: Correspondence of Bishop of Nova Scotia and Church Wardens of St. Pauls’ , 1872: 1 envelope, 1 4-pp letter (one sheet), dated 29 August 1872, 1 8-pp letter (2 sheets), dated 16 October 1872 – re: objecting to the use of the pastoral staff and opening the church contrary to Church requirements, in relation to the marriage of Mr. Edward Bayfield, 1872
003: Letter of condolence from Mr. Lawrence Watson to Mrs. Binney, 14 June 1887 [2015]: Includes photocopy of last will and testament of Herbert Binney, 1885, photocopied circa 2015
004: Lawrence Watson Letterbook, 1885-1900, 28.5 x 22.5 x 3 cm bound book. Note the letterbook was originally located in the sacristy vault and was transferred to the Archives on 25 February 2019. The item contains copies of outgoing correspondence from Lawrence W. Watson.
005: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 1, 1885: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
006: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 2, January – March 1886: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
007: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 3, April – June 1886: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
008: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 4, 1July – September 1886: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
009: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 5, October – December 1886: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson
010: Correspondence: Search for a new priest, Volume 6, 1887: Relates to the search for a replacement for George W. Hodgson

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church Vestry Committee archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-05
  • Serie
  • 1921-1973

The records of the vestry committee include governance records for the church from the time the Vestry Committee was established in 1921, to 1973. Records include minutes and agendas for vestry and wardens' meetings and communications and documents related to church governance, administration, and daily maintenance.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church annual meeting minutes

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-04
  • Serie
  • 1875-1973

The series consists of minutes, agendas, notes, and financial documents associated with St. Peter's Cathedral Church's annual meetings. The documents are as follows:

(1) Congregational Meetings, 29 March 1875-18 January 1925 -- 33 x 20 x 3 cm bound book with loose pages and pages pasted in, LOCATION: SPCA BOX O/S 10 Item 2
(2) St. Peter's Annual Meeting, 1925-1963 -- 33 x 20 x 3 cm bund book with handwritten, typed, and printed pages, including some pages inserted with tape or glue, LOCATION: SPCA BOX O/S 7 Item 1
(3) Annual Meeting 1969, 3 February 1969, 0.25 cm of minutes, financial statement, and report of nominating committee, LOCATION: SPCA BOX 48 File 1
(4) Annual Meeting 1973, 18 February 1973, 0.25 cm of minutes and agenda, LOCATION: SPCA BOX 48 File 2
(5) Annual Meeting 1977, 30 January 1977, 0.25 cm of minutes, LOCATION: SPCA Box 48, File 3.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church Directory of Members

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-24
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1985

The photographic directory of members consisted of two binders of photographs attached to construction paper, with the names of parishioners written on the paper. Pages appear to have been created for every member of the church but not all pages have photographs attached. The directory was originally divided into three three-ring binders (28 x 29 cm each): the first for parishioners with last names A to J, the second for last names from K to O, and the third for last names from P to Y. In order to preserve the photographs safely, the photographs and sheets of paper were removed from the binders and placed in files in alphabetical order as follows: File 1: A-E, File 2: F-J, File 3: K-Mc, File 4: Me-R, File 5: S-Y, File 6: To Be Identified. The approximate date that the photographs were taken is 1985, based on information provided by parishioners in 2020.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church Sunday School archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-07
  • Serie
  • 1889-[1988?]

The series consists of Sunday School records, including attendance records and class lists; financial records; prayers and dedications; notes and communications; registrations and name cards; service leaflets; pupil's packet; curriculum; and cards showing the Stations of the Cross for children.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church parish lists and registers

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-06
  • Serie
  • 1887-1994

This series consists of parish lists and registers for St. Peter's Cathedral Church; some lists are incomplete and many have with insufficient context to confirm dates of creation or use.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church Camps Archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-13
  • Serie
  • 1970-1997

The Church Camps archives series consists of records related to Camp Kingston, from 1983 to 1997, including financial records, correspondence, reports, agendas, minutes, leaflets, notes, application documents, inspection records, and lists of campers. There is specific documentation in 1993 about the closure of Camp Kingston owing to environmental and structural problems. Also in the series is documentation about a camp at Oak Acres, from 1982, and a binder of children's liturgies used at Camp Kingston.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church financial records

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-02
  • Serie
  • 1869-1899, 2000

The series consists of original financial records generated or received by St. Peter's Cathedral Church in the course of business during the late 19th century. Records include bills and receipts, statements, correspondence, financial estimates and annual financial statements, investment information, bank account information and bank books, deposit information, copies of cheques, fundraising, trust, and scholarship records (including the Helen Brecken Memorial Trust and the Daniel Hodgson Scholarship), general ledgers, mortgage records, and related financial documentation. Included are reports and documentation related to the financial status of the church at various times.

The file listing includes extensive details about the types of records included and the names of individuals, organizations, and corporations documented in the materials, from Charlottetown-based businesses to religious institutions and government departments. Researchers are urged to review the file list to identify any materials that may be relevant to their research.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Monthly magazine

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-23
  • Serie
  • 1923 - 2003

The series consists of copies of St. Peter's 'Cathedral Monthly' magazine, a magazine produced by the church to share social events and other news about activities and events across the church community. The following background about the Cathedral Monthly is adapted from information provided on the St. Peter's Cathedral Church website in March 2004 (, accessed 14 February 2020):

The 'Cathedral Monthly' has its roots in a publication of that name that was first produced in St. Peter's Cathedral Parish during the incumbency of Canon E. M. Malone. Over the years since then, there have from time to time been various parish newsletters. The name 'Cathedral Monthly' was revived under the editorship of Peggy Holland (now Peggy Williams) in 1991, when she began editing and producing a monthly parish newsletter. Since then, the 'Monthly' continued up to 2004. The name "Monthly" was retained even in more recent years, when the publication was not produced monthly but every two months or so, except during the summer.

From the 1990s to the 2000s, approximately 300 copies of each issue were printed for parishioners, and another 20 copies were made available for subscribers and gift subscriptions. The money paid by subscribers and received as donations paid the cost of printing and mailing these copies.

Editors in the 2000s included Paula Connolly and June McKarris.

As noted in the 2004 description on the church website, the vision of June McKarris, as editor, was as follows: "each group or organization in the church should contribute a report for each issue of the Monthly. This way, those parishioners who do not get out to church on a regular basis and those of us who do attend each Sunday would be kept apprised of what is going on in our parish. June feels that the 'Cathedral Monthly' is a perfect instrument to showcase our beautiful Cathedral and the hard work many of our groups perform to sustain our present level of success. She is aware that many parishioners are interested in reading what is in the Personal and Parochial section, and she depends on you to pass on any information that you can for this column."

Publication of the magazine ended in 2003.

The copies available in St. Peter's Cathedral Church Archives appear to provide a complete run of the magazine. Additional copies are available for reference and display purposes.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

St. Peter's Cathedral Church royal visit archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-18
  • Serie
  • 2000, 2007

The royal visit archives consist of guest lists, programmes and invitations, visitors' registers, a recording of the prayer service, and the pen used to sign the visitors' register, for the royal visits of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Sophie, Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex. they visited as a couple in 2000 and Prince Edward visited again in 2007.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church

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