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The Book of Common Prayer

This large-print Book of Common Prayer is inscribed with "Peter Macgowan" and also contains inserts and handwritten notes. The inscription donating the book is as follows: Mr. Hodgson, Dear Sir, I send you my father Mr. Peter Macgowan's prayer book as I feel that it ought to be given to St. Peter's Church he being a member and very much interested in it. And if you would like to keep it I give it to you for that purpose. Very truly yours, Emilie Gray, Monday.

Also included in the book are several handwritten entries that appear to record the arrivals to and departures from Prince Edward Island of many people over a number of years, as well as the burial (and sometimes disinterment) of notable people.

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments

The cover of the Bible is embossed with a wreath which says "British and Foreign Bible Society." It was used as part of St. Peter's Boys School. An inscription on the front end page reads "St. Peter's Boys School No. 21" and several handwritten names are also shown, including William G. Hogg, Jasper [Ings?], and other illegible notes. On the inside front page is: "Appointed to be read in churches." "Cum privilegio."

Newspaper clippings book

One scrapbook containing newspaper clippings related to various topics, both church-related and otherwise. The book originally contained a number of loose newspaper clippings, which were removed and photocopied, then added to the newspaper clippings reference files. The book also contained a number of loose annual reports for the church, which were moved to the annual reports files. The clippings and reports contained no annotations or information that warranted their retention with the scrapbook, which appears to have been a loose compilation of materials over many years, by unknown persons.

Newspaper clippings scrapbook

One scrapbook containing newspaper clippings related to various topics, both church-related and otherwise. On the flyleaf of the book is inscribed "commissioned to build this scrapp book, January 1894, Frank E. Lockhart." The name is crossed out an additional inscription is shown as "Willie Lockhart, Petitcodiac, N.B., February 23, 1905."

William Lockhart

Print block negatives

001 G. W. Hodgson Photo 0037
002 Archbishop Worrell Photo 0458 Photo from a published source,
003 Robert Harris Photo 456 Photo from a published source
004 William C. Harris Photo 0457 Photo from a published source
005-007 Chancel,Photo 0082
008 St.Peter’s Exterior Photo 0342
009 St.Peter’s Exterior Photo 0459 from a published source,
010 Canon Simpson and assistants Photo 0067,
011-012 All Soul’s Chapel, Photo 0056
013 Soul’s Chapel - Altar, Photo 0156,
014 Young Canon Simpson Photo 0142 Photo from a published source,
015 Silver Jubilee: Clergy and choir Photo 0033
016 Jubilee 1919: Choir and Clergy, Photo 0247
017 St.Peter’s Exterior, Photo 0173
018 Baptistry Photo 0148

These print blocks were used to reproduce photos in early print productions. Please see "The Jubliee of St. Peter's Cathedral 1869-1919" and "St. Peter's Cathedral 1869-1925". Both are located in Box 2, File 8. The third publication "St. Peter's Cathedral 1869-1944" is located in Box 40, File 2

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