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All Souls' Chapel interior photograph

  • Pièce
  • c. 1870-1889

The photograph shows an interior view of All Soul's Chapel facing the altar.
A note on the back reads "Memorial for G. W. Hodgson, St. Peter's Charlottetown."

Reverend Canon E. M. Malone portrait

  • Pièce
  • 1952

The photograph shows Reverend Canon E. M. Malone seated, writing at a desk, at King's College, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

St. Peter's Cathedral Church Hall interior photograph

  • Pièce
  • 28 October 1990

The photograph shows Margaret Westin, Marguerite Ghiz, and an unidentified woman in the rear section of St. Peter's Cathedral Hall, which was later referred to as "the Old Hall" after it was replaced in 2004. The photograph may have been taken during the Fall Fair.

St. Peter's Girls Auxiliary tea party photograph

  • Pièce
  • 7 February 1970

The photograph shows Mrs. Canon Malone presiding over tea with four young girls surrounding her.
The girl on the left is Natalie MacKinnon.

St Peter's Cathedral exterior photograph

  • Pièce
  • 1962

The photograph shows the exterior of St Peter's Cathedral in winter; an unidentified child and dog are shown on the front lawn.

Outdoor picnic photographs

  • Dossier
  • [1980-1989]

Photograph A shows a group of adults and children eating corn on the cob at an outdoor picnic. Madeline Crowell appears to be at top left. Photograph B shows children and an adult at an outdoor picnic.

Reverend Canon H. M. D. and Margaret Westin retirement party photographs

  • CA PEI SPCA Photo 0219 A B C D E
  • Dossier
  • 28 October 1990

The photographs show the retirement party for Reverend Canon H. M. D Westin and Margaret Westin in the old Church Hall.
Photograph A shows three men left to right [name?], Ron Orton, and Carl Mathis. Photograph B shows the presentation of a framed picture to Canon H. M. D and Margaret Westin by [name?]. Photograph C shows Margaret Westin and a special cake and a young boy. Photograph D shows Canon H. M. D and Margaret Westin and the special cake. Photograph E shows Canon H. M. D and Margaret Westin and two gentlemen.

Procession photographs

  • Dossier
  • [1974-1990]

The photographs show Reverend Canon H. M. D. Westin and others in a St. Peter's Palm Sunday procession outside the Cathedral. David Kays is leading the procession; the rest of the people are unidentified. There is a slight difference between Photographs A and B, showing they were taken close together.

Binney Group archives

  • CA PEI SPCA 009
  • Fonds
  • 1971-2017

The Binney Group archives consist of official records of the activities of the Binney Group, including bylaws, meeting minutes and agendas, financial reports, notebooks and planning records, service leaflets and programmes, correspondence, and photographs. Included among the archives are records documenting the work of the Binney Group to carry out or provide support for bake sales, fudge sales, pantry sales, card parties, men's breakfasts, bazaars, annual dinners, Anglican Church Women activities, Diocesan Church Society activities, Christian Council activities, and fashion shows, including the Froggies Fashion Show in 2002 and the Women of the Bible Fashion Shows from 1999-2001. The archives also depict Christmas and Easter parties and other social events organized by or involving members of the Binney Group. Key members of the Binney Group whose names appear throughout the archives include Peggy Holland, Marjorie Vessey, Betty Acorn, Ann Francis, and Norma Simpson.

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St. Peter's Cathedral Monthly magazine

  • CA PEI SPCA 900-23
  • Série
  • 1923 - 2003

The series consists of copies of St. Peter's 'Cathedral Monthly' magazine, a magazine produced by the church to share social events and other news about activities and events across the church community. The following background about the Cathedral Monthly is adapted from information provided on the St. Peter's Cathedral Church website in March 2004 (http://www.stpeter.org/cathmon.html, accessed 14 February 2020):

The 'Cathedral Monthly' has its roots in a publication of that name that was first produced in St. Peter's Cathedral Parish during the incumbency of Canon E. M. Malone. Over the years since then, there have from time to time been various parish newsletters. The name 'Cathedral Monthly' was revived under the editorship of Peggy Holland (now Peggy Williams) in 1991, when she began editing and producing a monthly parish newsletter. Since then, the 'Monthly' continued up to 2004. The name "Monthly" was retained even in more recent years, when the publication was not produced monthly but every two months or so, except during the summer.

From the 1990s to the 2000s, approximately 300 copies of each issue were printed for parishioners, and another 20 copies were made available for subscribers and gift subscriptions. The money paid by subscribers and received as donations paid the cost of printing and mailing these copies.

Editors in the 2000s included Paula Connolly and June McKarris.

As noted in the 2004 description on the church website, the vision of June McKarris, as editor, was as follows: "each group or organization in the church should contribute a report for each issue of the Monthly. This way, those parishioners who do not get out to church on a regular basis and those of us who do attend each Sunday would be kept apprised of what is going on in our parish. June feels that the 'Cathedral Monthly' is a perfect instrument to showcase our beautiful Cathedral and the hard work many of our groups perform to sustain our present level of success. She is aware that many parishioners are interested in reading what is in the Personal and Parochial section, and she depends on you to pass on any information that you can for this column."

Publication of the magazine ended in 2003.

The copies available in St. Peter's Cathedral Church Archives appear to provide a complete run of the magazine. Additional copies are available for reference and display purposes.

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