Welcome to St. Peter's Cathedral Archives Archival Database

The St. Peter’s Cathedral Archives is a collection of over 150 years’ of archival documents, photographs, and other records created or accumulated by the Cathedral in the course of its business, as well as archives relating to life within the Cathedral community in Prince Edward Island. Included in the Archives’ collection are official church records as well as private papers created by incumbent priests and others associated with the church, dating from the 1860s to the 21st century.

St. Peter’s is proud to store archival descriptions on AtoM, or Access to Memory. A selection of digital photographs is also available through AtoM. In keeping with Canadian copyright requirements and in order to respect personal privacy, St. Peter's has uploaded onto AtoM only digital copies of photographs dating before 1948, as well as selected images owned by the church. Users interested in viewing other photographs are welcome to contact us for help with access.

The work of arranging and describing St. Peter’s Cathedral Archives was made possible in part through funds provided through Library and Archives Canada, as part of the Documentary Heritage Communities Programme, from 2018 to 2020. St. Peter’s is grateful for that financial assistance, as well as other federal funding received over the past years to support archival initiatives. St. Peter’s also acknowledges with deep thanks the generous contributions of time and energy from a large group of church volunteers, who have laboured for years to help make the archival collection available for public use.

Like any archival collection, St. Peter's Cathedral Archives is a perpetual work in progress. If you have information that will help expand our archival descriptions or correct errors, we welcome your input. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and help us improve our knowledge of St. Peter's documentary history.

St. Peter’s Cathedral Archives is maintained by church volunteers. While we are not able to provide regular opening hours, we welcome researchers and visitors by appointment. To contact us, please email us at stpetersarchive@gmail.com.